Live your new meaningful life by releasing infertility trauma and embracing otherhood

I help women find their new soul purpose after going through infertility

Hi I’m Bernie,

Embrace Otherhood was founded on many awkward laughs and ugly cries in frustration at not being able to find my people.

I have ripped off the band aid to let people know that hey I really wanted children however after many years of trying (you can read about all the things I tried whilst trying to have a baby in my book) it just didn’t happen and now I’m living my best life which I never thought I could if I didn’t have children. So here I am embracing otherhood.

If you have gone on the many ups and downs of the baby making train ride and didn’t end up with the baby, I’m here for you.

If you want to feel excitement and live with passion everyday with a new found sense of self, fun, lightness and inspiration I’m here to help you on your new journey.

Hey I’ve got you

Embrace your otherhood: your journey to finding your new groove after infertility and living your amazing life

Release the heaviness and sadness of your old babyhood dreams, and create your new and exciting otherhood desires, let’s do this.

Together we can release the shame of not being able to get pregnant, let go of the past infertility trauma, and help you stand in your new bright shining light of possibilities.

Deep down, you know you’re meant for more…

You’ll never have to stress about what to say to others about why you don’t have children and you can hold your head up high and feel empowered to own your truth.

With 16 years of being on the baby making train ride (I even wrote a book about it) and now embracing otherhood, you can bet I understand what it takes to step into your new self and to own it.

With my help, you’ll finally be able to focus on you and your unique essence while I’ll walk with you to discover your new dreams and desires and live your new amazing life.

Let’s feel all the good vibes together

How does Embrace Your Otherhood work?


Imagine this...

When you connect with me you’ll be able to...

Release =

stepping off the infertility hamster wheel, cutting ties with old limiting beliefs and letting go

Clarity =

learning from your past experiences to better understand yourself so that you can find your new pathway

Ambition =

your new found empowerment starts by filling your cup with ambition

Momentum =

living your amazing new life everyday

What can you expect from the program?

8 x weekly 60 minute online sessions together to guide you on your new journey

Unlimited email support between sessions

Access to me directly via Messenger, both text or talk

Resources to guide you on your way

The how?

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