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If you are interested in going past the surface-level of childless and want to go deep to unlock your full potential, release shame from unsuccessful fertility treatment, gain clarity and motivation to live your new best life, join me in my exclusive online community:

Embracing Otherhood

In the community I take you through my Framework to embracing otherhood and we first work on deeply transforming your blocks so you can expand your capacity for a life of fullness:


by stepping off the infertility hamster wheel, you’ll cut ties with old limiting beliefs and let go of the old life you thought you wanted


learning from your past experiences to better understand yourself so that you can find your new pathway


your new found empowerment starts by filling up your cup with ambition


setting yourself up by living your amazing new life everyday


let’s now get started on creating a future more exciting than your past with:


a welcoming group of like minded people, who have experienced childlessness


sharing our unique experiences in a safe non-judgemental place and creating lifelong friendships

Things to look forward to:

bring back the fun into your life with movie nights, book club, wine tasting, cocktail making, indoor cosy and outdoor adventures, be on the VIP list and the first to know about upcoming retreats


pack your bags as travel is open again and there’s nothing like face to face and a welcoming hug with your tribe in a beautiful destination #holidayvibes

Live the life you envisioned

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