The book

How to Stay Sane on the Baby Making Train was written out of my own frustrations of all the things I did to try and get pregnant.

From listening to endless stories from others of how easy and quickly they fell pregnant, even when they weren’t trying. If I had to hear once again that someone just had to look at a baby and they fell pregnant, I just wanted to eyeball them and say please shut up!!

All I wanted was to join the mother’s group so that I can finally fit in somewhere, however how was I to join this elusive group when I didn’t have the baby? Was there even a word or name to describe what I was going through and where I could find similar women on the same train carriage as me?

After trying to start a family since I was 24 years old, I was on and off this baby making train for 16 years and experienced many emotional ups and downs. Fast forward to when I was 38 years old and I had a lightbulb moment driving home from work one day that I already had everything I wanted and that a baby wasn’t going to make me happy. That to experience joy and meaning in life comes from knowing yourself internally, and that by external things or just doing what everyone else was doing to feel part of something. However, true joy is self acceptance and love.

I was called to write this book to help anyone who is going through infertility to not lose their sense of self to the two week wait and cycle after cycle of endless doctor appointments. That you can keep calm and experience joy along the way to wherever it may lead you.

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