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I help women find their new soul purpose after going through infertility

Women who have released past shame around not being able to fall pregnant and are embracing otherhood by living their new best life


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does this sound familiar?

  • You are a survivor of infertility
  • You went through the emotional ups and downs of trying all the things to get pregnant and have a baby
  • If you heard that someone fell pregnant by holding a handstand for 5 minutes,  you did this too!
  • You put living your life on hold until you could tell people that you were finally pregnant
  • Time was now tracked by two week intervals 
  • But after trying for years, seeing many doctors and guru’s and forking out tens of thousands of dollars you now aren’t sure how to live a meaningful life without that baby
  • You feel alone as none of your family or friends have gone through this, therefore where can you go to find women who understand the crap you’ve been through
  • Are there women out there who have been through what you’ve gone through in trying to have a baby
  • How can you feel better and who can you turn to? 

I got you!

As I’ve lived what you’ve gone through. I’ve even written a book about it called: “How to Stay Sane on the Baby Making Train”and I will help you: 


“Bernadette Andrews has written a must read book for anyone who is on the infertility journey or knows someone going through this, and will provide you with tips for not losing your sanity.  This book has it all from heartbreak to humour and hope”


“Bernadette is a fantastic mentor with a holistic approach creating clarity and direction. She encouraged me by sharing strategies and tools to empower my own ability to get clarity in all areas of my life so that I was able to comfortably manage any situation with confidence. So grateful thank you”


“How to Stay Sane on the Baby Train … takes you on a journey stopping at stations and pausing for thought while trying to have a baby in the modern world. Even if you don’t want children or have 10 this book is practical, insightful read”


If you’re tired of feeling...

alone and like no one understands the silent pain you’ve been through in trying to have a baby, and you’re now ready to feel amazing again and step into your new life possibilities

Change of direction

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